1.      Do you require a multi-day reservation and do all reservations include full and exclusive access to the grounds and Farm House?

We require the minimum of a 4-night rental for weekend weddings between May 1st and October 30th. Some parties rent for a full 7-nights during July and August. It is most common that weddings parties rent Thursday through Monday. The fee for a 4-night wedding rental (not summer) is $3900 plus 9% Maine tax. A $500 damage deposit is also required and returned within 2 weeks after check-out. Wedding rentals are all inclusive and provides exclusive access to the Wedding Barn, Farm House and grounds. A multi-day rental is required because vendors frequently need a full day set-up and full day take-down. A 3-night weekend wedding rental is available between November 1st and April 30th. A 3-night mid-week (Monday through Thursday) wedding rental is available year round.

2.      Where is the Farm at Worthley Pond located?

The Farm at Worthley Pond is located 3 hours north of Boston's Logan Airport and 1 ½ hour north of Portland. It is located between Rumford, Bethel, and Auburn, Maine. The physical address of the Farm is 153 East Shore Road, Peru, Maine, 04290. Click on "Google" (lower left corner of map) to link to a full page color map locating The Farm at Worthley Pond.

3.       What is included in my reservation fee?

All rentals include full and exclusive use of the following:

  • 1840 remodeled Wedding Barn 1500 sq. feet,

  • banquet tables and chairs for 200 guests,

  • 15 room Farm House, including all lofts

  • 4 large meeting rooms and a 520 sq. feet family room,

  • overnight accommodations for up to 25 guests,

  • linens & towels provided,

  • 5 acres grass lawn,

  • private boats and sandy beach,

  • crystal clear Worthley Pond with pier and swimming raft,

  • 8-person hot tub,

  • full kitchen facilities including modern double oven,

  • fully stocked kitchen including 15 person place setting,

  • extensive sporting equipment,

  • indoor sauna,

  • kitchen fireplace,

  • billiard room,

  • cable TV, DVD, flat screen TV,

  • 3 indoor bathrooms and 1 outdoor portable restrooms

  • event decorative barn lighting

  • large outdoor deck

  • pre event cleaning

  • outdoor beverage tent with bar

  • cloths washer, dryer & iron board

  • 30 car parking lot adjacent to wedding barn, and much more

Please note: Not included in your wedding package are table cloths, flat are, wine glasses (glass), champaign toasting glasses (glass), water glasses (glass) and glass water pitchers. These items can be rented from the Farm for an additional fee. Farm staff can also serve beverages and assist with clearing tables for dancing for an additional fee. Not included in your wedding package is the washing of glasses and general clean-up after the event as listed under “rules & clean-up policies” on your contract.

4.       Can the Farm be rented for non-wedding events?

Yes, the Farm can be rented for non-wedding events such as family and group vacations. Fees for non-wedding events are lower than wedding events because the wedding barn is not included. Our web site which provides full details of non-wedding Farm rentals is located at

5.       Is there one person who books my event and works with me on all details?

Paul Bray is the owner of The Farm at Worthley Pond and all bookings and event management is worked through him. His email is and his phone number is 252-717-4402. Emily Bray works closely with Paul regarding all event details. Their mailing address is 1300 Green Springs Road New Bern, NC 28560. In addition to the Bray’s, Tim and Karen Holland are the Farm’s on-site managers. They live a few miles away in Peru, Maine.

6.       Are there extra costs for a summer weddings during June (last two weeks), July and August and is there additional considerations needed for summer weddings?

There is a higher fee for a 4-night summer wedding. The fee for a 4-night summer wedding is $5500 plus 9% Maine tax. A $500 damage deposit is also required and returned within 2 weeks after check-out. This fee is all inclusive. The Farm’s summer rentals are June (last two weeks), July and August. These are our busiest months.  The Farm Summer rentals are usually booked 14 to 24 months in advance. Fall and spring weddings often require a 12 month advance booking. Some wedding parties have chosen to rent the full 7-night summer week and invite family and guests to enjoy all the Farm’s amenities such as swimming and boating.

7.       What are the extra costs if our wedding party would choose to rent the full 7-night week?

The cost for extra days for a non-summer weddings is $250 per night, or an additional $750 for 7-nights for a total of $4650 plus 9% Maine tax. The cost for a 7-night summer weddings is $333 per night or $6500 plus 9% Maine Tax.

8.       What is the deposit and payment schedule?

A signed contract with $1500 deposit (approximately 1/3 payment) is required to confirm a reservation. The $1500 deposit is part of the total rental price and then fifty percent (50%) of the balance is due 6-9 months before the event. The final 50% is due 1 month before the event.

9.       Do all weddings include full and exclusive use of the barn?

All weddings include full and exclusive use of the 1500 sq. foot remodeled 1840 barn. The Wedding Barn has a front & side entrance and three large panoramic windows. The Barn’s windows “frame” the beautiful green Maine Mountains and the sparking clear 5 mile circumference lake called Worthley Pond. The stunning post and beam Barn architecture will be the conversation of your family for decades. The Barn can seat 150 people for the wedding banquet and reception or 200 people with an extension tent located at the entrance.

 10.   What provisions are made in case of rain?

The Wedding Barn with new roof and the many large rooms of the Farm House will accommodate your party in inclement weather. For large groups we often recommend a rented event tent.

 11.   Where will the wedding ceremony be held?

The Wedding ceremony may be held in the Wedding Barn or anywhere on the extensive lawn. Often wedding parties chose the beach area with a backdrop of the lake & mountains.

12.   Are banquet tables and chairs provided?

We provide banquet tables for 160 guests and chairs for 200 guests at no additional cost.

13 .   What is the maximum number of guests the facility can accommodate?

 The Wedding Barn can accommodate a maximum of 200 banquet sit down guests (160 guests within the Barn and 40 guests within an extended tent at Barn's entrance).  An outdoor wedding with tents could accommodate over 1500 guests.

 14.   Is parking available?

A 30 car parking lot is adjacent to the Wedding Barn. Additional parking is available along East Shore Road directly west of the Farm.

 15.   Is there restrictions on noise or outdoor bands? Where does the dancing occur?

We ask that all loud music be moved in-doors after 11:30pm.  Receptions and dancing in the Wedding Barn have no time restrictions.

16.   Can additional overnight accommodations for family and guests be rented?

There are local Bed & Breakfast and other accommodations within 20-40 minutes of the Farm. There are also numerous small cottages within walking distance. We can work with your group to locate additional housing.

 17.   Is there transportation that can link local housing, regional airports and the Farm?

We can arrange for a van or taxi shuttle service between all local housing, motels and hotels. Furthermore, a van can shuttle guests to and from the Portland, Maine Airport, the Brunswick, Maine Amtrak Station and the Farm.

 18.   Can we choose our own vendors like caterers, musicians, photographers, florists, tents, etc.?

Yes, you can choose your own vendors. We can provide a list of local vendors. Remember wedding plans must include an equipment (tents, etc.) set up day and removal day. This usually can be managed with a 4-day rental. All weddings should consult with our on-site manager before scheduling or stationing tents, tables, trucks, etc. Failure to negotiate with our on-site manager can result in ruts, utility damage or other damage to property. The costs for such damage would be the responsibility of the wedding party. You are welcome to bring any and all vendors to serve your wedding event.

 19.   Where can the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner be held?

One great advantage of using The Farm at Worthley Pond and the Wedding Barn for your event is that the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner can be held at the same location. The kitchen provides amply place settings for a wedding rehearsal dinner and large meeting rooms for everyone in your party. You can prepare the dinner on site or it can be catered.

 20.   Do we need to provide outdoor port-a-potty?

No, as part of your fee we provide 1 outdoor port-a-pottie in addition to the 3 bathrooms within the Farm House.

21.   Can we decorate the Wedding Barn, grounds and Farm House?

As part of your fee we provide Barn decorative lighting. You are welcome to add other non-lights decorations. However, all decorations put up most also be taken down after the event.

 22.   Will staff need to be present and on-hand during our event?

For an extra fee, we provide staff services on-site during your event. These services include tear-down of tables for dancing and  beverage serving.

 23.   Can we select our own caterer or can we bring in our own food?

You can select your own caterer, you can cook your own food or you can even have your family members bring covered dishes. You will have access to a full kitchen with double oven and full cooking equipment.

24.   What is you policy regarding alcohol?

Parties are welcome to serve alcohol to their guests, however the Farm does not have it's own liquor license. Because the Farm does not have a liquor license, alcohol served must be without cost. Beer, wine and mixed drinks must be purchased by you along with serving supplies. For an extra fee, we can provide a beverage server service and set up a bar at the beverage tent. Please note, that self-serve alcohol is not permitted. Guests must be served alcohol. Parties may instead choose to hire a bar tender with a liquor license. In that case, drinks may be sold to guests. Parties serving alcohol MUST purchase a liability insurance policy. We can provide a list of insurance vendors.  

 25.   Can we visit the Farm and tour the barn before we sign the event contract?

We strongly encourage Wedding Parties to visit the Farm before scheduling their wedding. Many parties visit the Farm a number of times before their event to manage planning and decorations.

 26.   How do we know if our dates are still open and available at the Farm?

We have an on-line calendar that posts all of our reservations. It is 99% accurate, but we strongly encourage all parties to talk to Paul Bray to be sure their dates are available. The on-line calendar is managed by VRBO. For a calendar of available and booked weeks at the Farm visit 

27.   How do we reserve our date?

Reservations are made by writing Paul Bray at or phoning him at 252-717-4402.

28.   Do you allow camping on the grounds?

Yes, however guests must contact our manager to be sure no camping is done on or around septic system. There can be a slight additional charge depending on the number and equipment of campers.

29.      Can we rent the Farm for a wedding at a lower fee without the Wedding Barn?

We understand that some couples are planning their wedding event with a small budget. We are happy to discuss a reduced rate without the Wedding Barn and / or at months with low popularity such as April and November. We do offer a 3-night wedding package at a reduced cost. A 3-night package would be for mid-week dates or for weekend dates November through April.